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Say YES to Functional Medicine ... A Note from Dr. Maggie Yu

Dr. Maggie Yu

Your Wellness comes first....

I was 35, a practicing physician working for a large medical group, when I suddenly found myself staring at my own health crisis. As I went through the same hurried process over and over, I got few answers and prescriptions that didn’t help. I hated feeling like I was being herded from one test to the next seemingly without a plan.

I decided to go on my own mission of wellness. I had to look at myself as a whole and figure out the root causes of my problems rather than just medicating the symptoms. I went to alternative health providers. I got educated about alternative yet scientific medical tests that provided answers as to WHY my body wasn’t working together. I advocated for my own health. I educated myself and made major changes in my lifestyle.

It worked!

Three years later I was better and I have continued to live in wellness for more than a decade.

Out of that struggle came a mission-driven sense that I wasn’t here to prescribe pills and bill insurance for 15-minute visits where the true causes, the underlying problems at the heart of certain illnesses, are sometimes not identified. Patients like myself can continue to suffer without an approach to help the body work better as a whole. Discovering these root causes and connecting the dots has been my own path to wellness and I have focused on providing that for my patients.

I uphold my oath.

My practice is a place where you come if wellness is your goal and you want to get your life back. Our visits typically last 45 minutes or more, and you will work with me and a holistic nutritional therapist to get a truly integrated approach to your health. Patients receive incredible access to high-quality care based around a root cause approach.

I worked in the traditional medical setting for many years. I provided and was also a recipient of the cookie cutter approach to patient care. I saw the limitations and I said no for myself and for my patients. And now you can too.

You and your doctor can think outside the box. Dare to ask for more. Dare to know why.

Are you ready?

To your wellness,

Maggie Yu, M.D.

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