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Frequently Asked Quesions

How does our practice work?

Dr Maggie Yu , MD - Frankie Niwot, NutritionistWe are a comprehensive primary care & functional medicine practice that cares for children and adults with a dedication to the root cause approach.
We provide:

  • Working with Dr. Yu, a medical doctor , one of the few functional MD's in the region.
  • Thorough and extended, face-to-face visits with root cause medicine providers who take the time to listen. Our visits are at least 45 minutes long.
  • A holistic nutritionist/health coach to counsel you, so you can take charge of your health, regardless of whether your insurance covers it or not.
  • Patient Portal access to your healthcare team. During office hours, your requests will be addressed within the half day. After hours, for urgent concerns, your calls go directly to the provider, so there is no answering service "go-between." Email portal messages can be sent any time for non urgent concerns.
  • Web Visits: Got a busy schedule or living out of state? We work with patients and many insurances to allow for face to face visits via the web on your computer or phone. This is a convenient way for patients with busy schedules and cannot physically come into the clinic to access care directly. We also have many patients who travel or are out of state part of the year. This also works for patients who are long distance. Ask us about this great option!
  • A brand new, robust patient portal from our award winning software partner, Athena Health. It will give you easy access to your chart, medication list, plan summary, educational materials, and the ability to send messages & requests for appointments.
  • Coordinating care with your specialists.
  • You have a health care team working on your comprehensive, personalized health before, during, and after your visit.

Who will be seeing me?

  • Maggie Yu, MD , a family medicine MD with a functional medicine approach to your care.
  • Frankie Niwot, Nutritionist/Health coach, available full time who will provide group and individual visits to educate you on how to be an active participant in your health.

What is the Membership Fee?

Here are our membership enrollment rates and household plans.

  • $150/month
  • Family Plan: If more than 2 members of household enrolls, we can customize a plan for the remaining members of a household

Most insurers have allowed patients with FSA accounts to use it to pay for membership dues. We can provide a sample receipt with codes for you to ask your FSA representative.

There has never been a contract or commitment to how long you are enrolled so you may cancel at anytime. However, if you choose to dis-enroll and decide to re-enroll later, be aware that you will be placed on a waiting list if the practice is full. Payments are deducted monthly. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

The membership is to pay for additional services not covered by your insurance, it does not replace your need or use of insurance coverage. Your insurance will still be billed for services that are covered and your co-pays and deductibles still apply for services that are covered. Our nutritionist working as a team with you and your provider is absolutely covered in this fee and most insurance do not cover for this service.

Is the nutritionist included in my dues?

Yes! That's the whole point, regular insurance benefits do not cover a holistic nutritionist, but with this model, the services are included. Our nutritionist work with our provider and you as a team. This is because we know what you eat is crucial to good health but insurance coverage doesn't support that well. We created this model so that this crucial component of your team is always here for you

You can access our nutritionist, Frankie Niwot, during one of your visits with Dr. Yu. Bring a 3 day food diary which is helpful

Is there a contract?

No. There is no contract. It is a monthly fee and you can cancel anytime. If at some point in the future you want to re-enroll and we are full, you will be placed on a waiting list until an opening is available.

What insurance plans are accepted?

We are contracted with most of the same insurance companies as we have in the past which includes most of the major carriers. Please call us to confirm our current contracts with insurance companies. We will continue to bill your insurance for covered services.
Questions about insurance can go to

Do my deductibles and co-pays apply?

Yes. Insurance still pays for covered services that are subject to co-pays and deductibles. Concierge fees are paying for services above and beyond what your insurance will cover. Visits with our nutritionist and provider as a team, expedited requests handling, and incredible access to your provider & team are services are NOT covered by your insurance.

What does limited practice mean?

It means in order to provide this high level of service to patients and the time for each visit, we will only be able to take on a finite number of patients to commit to those patients who want and support this care model. When we are full, we are full. We cannot add more patients until a space opens up in order to guarantee the high level of service to patients who enroll.

We continue to experience high demand for our services and are allowing new patients in as space allows. Please apply online or call us to check enrollment status.

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