I thought I was dying, now I have my life back.”

Chris W.


After so many years running from specialist to specialist I am now symptom free.”

Kim L.


I thought I was dying, now I have my life back.”

Chris W.


Meet the MD Disrupting the 100 Billion Dollar Autoimmune Industry

When it comes to autoimmunity, Maggie Yu MD has put our failing and fragmented health care system on notice.

She is the brains behind the Transform Your Autoimmunity online program which has helped hundreds of successful people identify the root causes of their autoimmune symptoms and permanently turn them around.

Through her unconventional methods she has transformed the lives of hundreds of formerly symptomatic clients, teaching these committed individuals through her one of a kind group mentoring program.

This experienced MD from Portland, Oregon was frustrated that the standard of care for autoimmunity was patching her patient's symptoms with pharmaceuticals…abandoning them to a life of pain and pills. This sick, sad and painful course of action is the only option autoimmune sufferers are currently given.

After dealing with the life altering consequences of her own multiple diagnoses and endless new symptoms, Dr. Yu made it her mission to learn everything she could about the underlying contributions to autoimmunity.

Her education and data driven approach to autoimmunity flies in the face of the life-long management of symptoms and disempowering methods that our modern health care system both embraces and profits from.

Dr. Yu is a maverick who is clear that the holy grail to transforming autoimmunity is to focus on the root cause…not simply treating symptoms.

As she explains, “It doesn't matter what the diagnosis is…or even if there is an official diagnosis. I teach my clients that they need to switch from fixating on a diagnosis to stopping it at the cause. The cause is found in their personalized data (lab testing results).”

The key to her success comes through teaching her clients how to fix the foundational problem through understanding their own data and making informed (data driven) decisions about their diet and lifestyle.

Now, after 23 years in practice she works only with clients who are ready to do the hard work to change their own lives like she did. She teaches them to crush their autoimmunity using the same success skills that they have used to take on challenges in their business, career, and other areas of their lives.

And...because it's all done online this program and testing can be done from most places in the world.

Her no-nonsense personality and unique program challenges them to stop depending on others and empowers them to make their own informed decisions regarding their health. Her program teaches her clients how to understand their labs, balance their hormones, fix their food issues using data and testing and change their mindset to crush autoimmunity.

“The difference between me and our health care system is that I am trying to work myself out of a job. My whole goal is to get my clients to not need me anymore.”

~Dr. Maggie Yu

She is unapologetic about the fact that this program is not for everyone. “We get exceptional results because we build relationships with exceptional people.”

Warning: No victim mentality allowed. In fact, if you don't want to actively do something different to turn your autoimmunity around now…she can't help you.

“I can't help people who are not ready to be helped. I can't help people who don't want to put in the work or who want me to hold their hand. I can't help people who are more concerned about their sickness labels then wanting to be symptom free.”

Her clients agree, her straight talk approach works. It takes them away from identifying with their symptoms and diagnosis to identifying with a healthy and transformed mind and body.

The hundreds of testimonials from past and present clients talking about their transformed lives are proving her unconventional ways work.

Dr. Yu is clear in her assertion that, “this is a life transformation program. Transformation requires an investment of time, money and abandoning old ways of thinking and doing. We work with those who understand the price of not changing the trajectory of their lives will cost them significantly more than what they are investing into getting better now.”

Join us for a free training to learn the 5 Secrets That Even Your Doctors Don't Know To Transform Autoimmunity Naturally to learn how you can become our next success story.