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Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Laying awake, feeling like you’re the only one with unsolvable medical symptoms? Playing whack-a-mole with your symptoms? Beating down every new one with a new diagnosis or medication only for another to pop up? Been told that all your results are normal? Been sent on the specialist merry-go-round with no one being the pilot? Perhaps you lack a diagnosis, and you thought that was your only lifeline. Spending thousands of hours on online research, and even with all of that, you still feel sick.

Do you have chronic disease diagnoses like rheumatoid arthritis, mast cell, POTS, or irritable bowel syndrome?

Whether you're a man, woman, or child. Are you in hormonal hell? You know your hormones matter and are a major trigger of your symptoms. But, you’re not believed.

Feel like you’re smarter than your medical providers. Yet, each time you go in for your fifteen minutes of factory medicine, the conversation always ends with a medication, procedure, or referral.

You’re not alone. There are millions of people in the exact same place. Dr. Maggie was in the exact same place. She combined all her medical training with decades of additional training and practice in holistic and alternative methods to overcome her own diagnosis and symptoms. She created a root cause system to overcome any chronic disease and created an array of programs tailored to each individual. She has helped thousands overcome seemingly impossible problems and symptoms. There are hundreds of case studies across social media, and her book highlights just a few of those she has helped.

With nearly 30 years of education and experience, Maggie Yu MD IFMCP offers a comprehensive live online program tailored to your needs, enabling you to partner with an expert medical team to conquer any chronic health challenges.

The Transform System is a proven online program that empowers you by offering:

  • Interactive online training with a dedicated team of experts specializing in longevity and chronic disease, including a certified functional medicine expert physician, a functional nutritionist, and dedicated coaches and accountability partners.

  • Convenient at-home testing for hormones and food sensitivities, eliminating guesswork.

  • A track record of success backed by extensive case studies and genuine testimonials.

  • In-depth live guidance on understanding your lab results coupled with our effective Transform protocols.

  • Comprehensive strategies to manage health fluctuations and optimize long-term well-being.

  • Personalized solutions to pinpoint and address the root causes of chronic diseases, tailoring approaches based on individual data.

  • A tried-and-true system endorsed by hundreds of satisfied clients, complete with rave reviews and testimonials.

  • An engaging online community fostering support and connection, enhancing your wellness journey every step of the way.

  • Programs available worldwide. Transform has served in over 10 countries, and that number is growing every day.

Transform’s Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals in their journey toward whole-body wellness. From anywhere in the world, we guide them to address the core triggers and causes of their chronic health challenges. Through the Transform System, combined with community support and comprehensive at-home testing, we aim to facilitate transformative health improvements in a compressed time frame.


Maggie Yu, M.D. IFMCP

Integrative Physician
Focusing on Chronic Disease, Hormones, Gut Health, and Nutritional Medicine

Our Founder’s Story

Dr. Maggie Yu's journey has been anything but traditional. Before establishing herself as an author, teacher, and prominent voice in the field, she was a patient. Confronted with fibromyalgia, early menopause, Hashimoto’s, chronic pain, depression, TMJ, and Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, she experienced firsthand the limitations of conventional medicine. This intense personal encounter not only sparked curiosity but drove her to dive into learning a root cause approach to health.

This led her to create the Transform System—a groundbreaking system that doesn’t just look to band aid symptoms but rather targets the root causes of any chronic disease to bring about lasting change. This system has transformed not only her own life but the lives of countless others who felt they had exhausted all options.

Through nearly 30 years of education and practice, she has learned that true healing is a combination of modern medical knowledge and an understanding of each individual's unique needs. It’s about more than just diagnoses and treatments—it's about equipping each person with knowledge and tools, so they can reclaim their health and life. This knowledge has been the foundation of her work, guiding every step and every decision.

Whether you're on the verge of giving up, seeking to understand your health better, or looking for a partner in your health journey, she is here to help. Let's dive into this adventure together, embrace the wisdom she has gathered over the years, and start your journey to vibrant health and wellness.

Welcome to a new chapter in your health story. Jump in to compress the time it takes to go from sick to thriving.

Welcome to our community.

Some of my client's testimonials

Melissa BrownMelissa Brown
02:04 07 Sep 23
Thank you so much, Dr Maggie, for your depth of knowledge, understanding the patterns and compassion to help others in such a holistic way! Deeply appreciate the insights and love the 5 pillar's approach and the order you do things. It really works! You and the team are awesome!
Amy McguireAmy Mcguire
12:30 06 Sep 23
Dr Maggie is a godsend! I can’t highly recommend her enough! I came into the program with many autoimmune diseases along with symptoms. She has helped me tremendously! She has given my life back to me!
Brandy DillsBrandy Dills
21:18 29 Aug 23
Dr. Maggie and her team are absolutely amazing! This program has saved my life in many ways! Thank you so much!
Shannon BealkeShannon Bealke
19:55 26 Aug 23
Hands down, THE best health program EVER. You will not get this information ANYWHERE else. Dr. Maggie is the best of the best!!
Paul KruzinauskasPaul Kruzinauskas
21:09 18 Aug 23
Debbi NewbergDebbi Newberg
03:07 11 Aug 23
In February, I had a positive ANA test, which led me to the Transforming your Disease Naturally FB group. After doing a week long, hormone challenge week within the group, I decided to sign up for the Hormone Masterclass. Good thing, since my Dr said she didn’t have time to educate me 🤯 but what I have learned is so much more! I’m learning how to read hormone patterns and how it’s so much more than just your hormones, it’s your gut and blood sugar and how to balance it all. It has helped so much that when I finally met with a rheumatologist last month, she couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Thanks so much Dr Maggie….you are a life saver ♥️
Kim SmithKim Smith
12:05 23 May 23
Dr Maggie’s programs are amazing. I would recommend anyone with autoimmune issues to join and see the positive results you can get by taking this program to better your health. I now have the knowledge to continue my journey to stay healthy along with the knowledge to help my friends and family. Thank you Dr Maggie for sharing your knowledge to help others get healthy.
Avalyn WongAvalyn Wong
18:26 03 May 23
I started the program with severe gastroparesis leadinng to unintentional weight loss due to scleroderma with CREST and sjogren. I was able to gain weight 5 lbs in the 10 week program. And I am able to eat normal again not pureed food. Thanks for Dr. Maggie, her team and my pod & the transform community. I am empowered with Dr. Maggie's knowledge as I journey thru life and handling my family's health too. With Dr. Maggie's knowledge, I was able to get back my low stomach acid to normal which my GI doctor never suggested in the last 10 years!
Roseanna GibbonsRoseanna Gibbons
13:13 08 Jun 21
I have been dealing with random, mystery symptoms for over 20 years. Dr. Maggie helped me realize it was widespread inflammation caused by my undiagnosed autoimmune condition. Within weeks I started healing. I call her my miracle doctor!
Melissa PapkeMelissa Papke
00:46 07 Jun 21
I'm just getting to the end of the 8-week program and I have gotten so many answers! I'm feeling better, but I still have quite a lot to do in the healing realm so I'm planning on continuing into Optimizer 360 for the next four months. If you have autoimmunity of some sort and are tired of feeling sh*tty, the pull the trigger on this program, get some answers, and learn how to read your own test results so you can work WITH your doctor instead of blindly being told what to do. You won't regret it! Dr. Maggie is amazing, a straight shooter and super direct, but also very kind at the same time. You'll get the answers you need to start feeling better and taking charge of your health. It'll be the best decision you'll ever make.
Orsiola DavisOrsiola Davis
13:46 24 Apr 21
Joining the program was the best decision I have made concerning my health. I learned so much about my body during the discovery of food intolerances, vitamin deficiencies, hydration or lack of, hormone imbalance, gut infection, and leaky gut. There's no more guessing how my day will go because I have certainty that if I stick with applying the knowledge I gained, take the supplements I was instructed to take, and have the right mindset, I am ready to enjoy and tackle each and every day. I have energy and strength to work as a professional and at home with my family.Dr. Maggie and team are supportive and they care to see that you achieve success. For some, the wins are very quickly unfolding, for others it may be more subtle. It depends where you are with your AI journey, but in time the return on the investment will be great. I trust the process and believe that if we are committed and do our part, it will produce the results we are looking for, healing and functioning.I am thankful I was able to partake in this journey and will continue to enjoy staying connected with the other Alumni as we continue to support each other.Wishing you all better health!
Jeanette AJeanette A
19:28 22 Apr 21
Wonderful program packed with great educational information and advices, and supplements that actually work! Working with real people in real cases, the recovery experiences is never alone. Dr Maggie Yu is fabulous down to earth and she tells things as they are, some of which you don’t want to hear but need. Wish the program lasted a little longer or give some time for one on one reviews in a POD call format similar to that accelerator call. Nonetheless this program provides lifelong learning and the value it provides worth the money! Huge thank you to Dr Maggie Yu for making it available!!
Stephanie CoronaStephanie Corona
20:35 17 Apr 21
The Transform program is a thorough education on autoimmune disease based on your own personal data. Dr. Maggie methodically teaches you how to heal yourself and how to minimalize dependency on western medicine doctors who don't really know how to deal with autoimmune other than prescribing a bunch of potent medication that can do more harm than good. Combined with several levels of support, the training offers comprehensive knowledge that can be used for life...on yourself, as well as loved ones.
Elizabeth BadstuebnerElizabeth Badstuebner
01:11 10 Mar 21
After years and years of sometimes debilitating symptoms and not getting any answers from the doctors, I am finally feeling relief! Maggie Yu's Hormone Masterclass has taught me so much and validated that there is in fact something wrong going on in my body and I'm not crazy. My test results and the one-on-one consultation with her gave me a clear path to work towards balancing out my system. I am unbelievably thankful to have found her program and highly suggest it for anyone who finds themselves wanting to punch their doctor in the face, at times!
melisa meharrymelisa meharry
18:09 25 Jan 21
This program has been very insightful in helping me calm my autoimmune disease. I have learned things that I wouldn't have learned elsewhere, and I enjoyed every bit of this community!
Lynn SkinnerLynn Skinner
21:02 19 Jan 21
I learned more in 2 months about my auto Immune disease and the way my body works and what it needs, than I have from a lifetime of going to traditional medicine doctors. I am learning to heal my body naturally and I feel better than I have in years. I no longer spend my days in extreme pain wondering if I can ever get my life back. I know now that there is hope! Thank you Dr. Maggie and the Transform Team!
Kristen PoteeteKristen Poteete
01:18 24 Dec 20
After 20 years of various doctors visits with no single diagnosis but a lot of symptoms, I finally took the plunge and started Dr. Maggie's program. Her approach to treatment works well with my style. Through much data and simple implementation processes, I started seeing results very quickly. Sleeping through the night after several years of not sleeping has been wonderful and just one of many positive experiences! Discovering a doctor who teaches me about what is going on in my body, my medical issues and is helping me to trust my instincts and discover how to advocate for myself with my care providers is almost (but not quite) as powerful to me as the healing I've experienced through her program. I'm very excited to be continuing on with Dr. Maggie into "phase 2" and learning even more! Being in community with others who have similar struggles as I do has also been extremely encouraging and motivating! Thank you Dr. Maggie, Centa, and Transform team!
Lars LiepoldLars Liepold
17:25 21 Dec 20
Dr Maggie Yu's Transform Autoimmune program is thoughtfully constructed, and her decades of experience was evident throughout the eight week journey. The order of the steps was critical to achieving positive outcomes with each step building on the next. I went into the program feeling much less than 100% but also didn't really know if there was actually something "off" with me. At week five with blood / saliva testing, the culprit was identified and corrected with supplementation for the near term. I feel 10 years younger with so much more energy to draw from!!! Hopefully, in the longer term, with lifestyle changes my body won't require the supplements. Final thoughts: Dr. Maggie Yu was is very pragmatic, the course is holistic: diet, lifestyle, mindset, large focus on DATA from tests (blood / saliva). Overall, I was impressed!!!
Diane BetkerDiane Betker
21:09 26 Oct 20
Dr. Maggie educates you for life! She doesn't give you bottle of pills and say, "let me know how you feel" to pass you off. She tells you the what and why behind everything she does. Her approach isn't a bandaid approach but she gets to the root of your problem with Data! She is very professional with a contagious positive doom and gloom with her. If you are like me (12yrs) have been searching for answers to your health problems you are at the right place! No amount of money can express how I feel on this road to greater health in having my mind and body coming alive again!! Thanks to Dr. Maggie and her heart to reach those searching for hope out of chronic painful conditions. Her team has put together a very thorough approach for you to gain your life back. I am so greatful to finally dream of a future!
Greg MattisonGreg Mattison
17:32 25 Aug 20
Very informative program based on actual test data. Great support along the journey. There is HOPE
Patricia EllisPatricia Ellis
23:58 10 Aug 20
Dr. Maggie's program has improved my life in so many ways! After years of being told I was crazy by traditional medicine, I have real answers and action plans. Life is full of hope and energy again!
Irina TuchinskayaIrina Tuchinskaya
16:53 10 Aug 20
about 4 months ago I started searching for some ways to transform my health problems naturally and that is how i found Dr.Maggie .I entered this program with high hopes and some doubts , not about content of the program but about delivery . My highest respect and admiration to Dr.Maggie not just for her knowledge but an ability to build a program where group approach enhances learning and everyone feels that her/his problems are being addressed individually . Where i am standing right now :I am a working progress.I am working my way to remission exercising my patience during the way 🙂 My goal is pretty clear to me : i need to be and i will be a healthy woman who will continue to be a true leader ( physically and emotionally ) of her small but very loving family .Dr Maggie , thank your from the bottom of my heart for providing me with the tool to my success .Your are not just a knowledgeable /intelligent physician , your are a passionate , caring person and a brilliant teacher .Support team , thank you so much for answering my impatient questions .And of cause my pod team .You were and still are my support and inspiration.
Tryna WoodsTryna Woods
02:44 24 Jun 20
Dr. Maggie:My name is Tryna Woods and I had the opportunity to be a part of your Transform Bootcamp. I suffer from an autoimmune disease called VKH which includes bouts of iritis. The inflammation from iritis (uveitis) turned into a detached retina, and the medication given to me caused me to have cataracts . I was diagnosed with VKH/iritis in 2003-2004, and wasn’t diagnosed with Glaucoma until 2010 (my grandmother had Glaucoma, and it skipped my mother). I am currently taking 3 different eye drops as well as Humira and Methotrexate- both in pen form. I knew sugar was a trigger for the uveitis, and I stopped several times, only to return to consuming foods that contain sugar. And I also love ❤️ bread. During the Transform class when you spoke of food mapping, I wished even to be able to take the course where I could have my food allergies tested, however, that portion (too) was not in my budget. I remember you said that there was 1 thing we could do right now that wouldn’t cost a thing and would give immediate results- remove gluten from our diets. I tried and failed a few times after the class, but finally decided to fully commit to the process. On 6/1/2020, I stopped consuming gluten. Today(6/15/2020), I went to visit my Opthamologist, and had to take a vision test. While my pressures were stable, the vision in my left eye (that had the artificial lens) had improved 2 lines from my last visit in January of 2020. What’s most incredible about this is that my vision hadn’t been that good in over 10 years!!! In addition, the doctor couldn’t find any signs of inflammation at all!!!I had resigned to the fact that my vision wasn’t able to get any better, and doctors just said my vision loss was something I had to accept- it wouldn’t get better and they refused to acknowledge foods playing a part. I say all that to say although I wished to be able to participate in the food mapping/allergy testing portion of your program, just the 1 change has given me hope and a new lease on my vision. So to you I say, THANK YOU DR. MAGGIE for giving me some life changing information and a chance to feel in control of my outcome. I have a ways to go in my autoimmune health journey, but your advice put me on the right path to staying committed, because it’s working! Thank you for letting me express myself. Have a great rest of the week!!! 👍🏾
Monica TilleyMonica Tilley
19:38 22 Jun 20
The approach of Dr Maggie and her team should be standard practice for Autoimmune Care. They check all parts of the body that can be impacted by autoimmune disease rather than focusing on one organ at a time. I didn't that the flaky skin and slow GI motility that I have been living with for decades were related to my autoimmune condition. I had thought it only impacted my thyroid gland. With the help of Dr. Maggie's great pattern-recognition skills and her supportive team I look forward to healing my body deeply over the coming months. I want to enjoy my later years rather than be limited by severe fatigue.
Jennifer ReiskerJennifer Reisker
17:32 10 Mar 20
Completing the Transform Autoimmune program changed my life. I went in as a huge skeptic and came out a believer. If you’ve struggled for years with doctors and your health and you don’t know what to do - DON’T LOSE HOPE. It’s an investment but it can change the rest of your life. For the first time in 14 years I’m excited about the future and that’s PRICELESS.
Wendy NeedyWendy Needy
15:24 17 Feb 20
My daughter had been diagnosed with Crohns Disease. She had to stop taking pharmaceuticals so we opted to try a natural route. Dr Maggie Yu was able to reverse her flare and help set her body in a natural healing direction. We learned so many valuable ways to make life changes to stop or lessen autoimmune. Dr Maggie’s program is second to none.
Amanda IAmanda I
19:03 02 Jan 20
Dr. Maggie Yu is a master at pattern recognition and connecting seemingly unrelated issues. Her goal of unearthing the root cause is exactly what we were looking for. We didn’t want a “bandaid” to reduce symptoms, we wanted to know what is going on and a path forward to healing.