Maggie Yu, MD Holistic and Functional Physician 

Dr. Yu’s philosophy towards patient care is the same philosophy she chooses for her own health. “I believe in educating myself and my patients on many options for their health. I love the benefits of holistic health options and balance that with the latest in medical treatment. When you know the options, you can pick and choose to individualize and optimize your healthcare. I believe in finding root causes and treating the process that causes the problem so we don’t have to band-aid all the end results instead.

Dr. Yu attended UCLA undergraduate (majoring in history, yes some of us are educated in the humanities) and medical school. She completed her residency at Kaiser, Los Angeles in family medicine and later worked for Kaiser in Pasadena. She and her family moved to Portland over a decade ago, and since that time, she has focused her clinical practice around functional medicine, hormonal health, and autoimmune disease.

Centa Terry Mindset Coach

Centa Terry has been a facilitator and coach in the personal growth & leadership industry for more than 20 years. She’s been blessed to work with thousands of people around the world both here and abroad. It brings her great joy to see people light up when they see hope and find value in themselves and others.

Her passion is to bring people into alignment with the truth of who they are and help them live successfully in that truth. This means helping them understand themselves, their communication style and how they interact with those around them. She believes health is holistic and mindset plays a major role in living a thriving, healthy life body, soul, and spirit.

She is a happy, proud mother of four incredible young adults with her first grand-baby on the way. She enjoys residing in the tranquil beauty of Northern California.