Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I watch your Online Training? Click this link to check it out.

How do I schedule a call with your team? After watching our online training, simply visit to schedule your Strategy Session.

What makes this program unique? Our Transform Protocol delivers an individualized program which produces fast outcomes that last. (We have many 1-2 year followup case studies from many graduates). The amount of testing, education, training that you get can be found nowhere else as this isn’t possible in any clinic setting. This is why we do this online supported with you. We take what would require you years working with multiple natural providers and put it all into a 2 month program that launches you into a full year of chronic health turn around. We use data, education, live coaching, community and mindset work to transform chronic disease naturally. Our approach is unique because YOU are unique. We produce incredible out of the box transformations and it is because we work with incredible out of the box thinking clients.

Where can I enroll? We are not just any program. This is a connection not a transaction. We do not have an option where you click “pay now” and you’re in. We offer intensive educational programs where there is a high level of individual interactions with us and accountability to others in our community. This is a relationship that begins with a conversation, because we choose to work with a small number of individuals who possess the qualities required to get transformational outcomes. We must talk to you to learn more about you to even know if and how we can help you. To talk to us to get your strategy session, visit

Why can’t you do this for free? Because it is extremely costly to provide a program like this. Dr. Yu, over the course of her career, has invested nearly 1 million dollars into her own education in her 25+ year career as an MD and as a functional medicine physician in order to develop and deliver this program. There is an entire team behind the scenes to support you and this program. Results like this require clients who are invested in their own outcomes so they can utilize all the support, testing, and resources we provide during this journey. We believe that something as complicated as chronic disease requires a uniquely tailored approach to each person. This is why we invest so many resources into each program participant to support their individual growth and outcomes. We refuse to deliver more quantity at the cost of quality. You are invited to join our Transform Your Health Facebook Community where we frequently share tons of free educational materials.

Is your program covered by insurance? No and that makes our blood boil too! In our medical system, medications, surgeries and hospitalizations are the main things covered by insurance. The real solutions using all the other tools are not covered. We train you on all the other tools that are required for a transformation and autoimmune turn around. Because we are a medical doctor owned program, most people can use their HSA/FSA. You can check with your HSA/FSA administrator in your company after speaking with our team to see if you can use those funds towards the program. We also offer flexible financing which does not require a credit check.

Do you provide guaranteed health outcomes? No one is legally allowed to offer guarantees in health outcomes. Plus, your results are absolutely dependent upon your dedication and ability to play full out. We DO provide dozens of case studies of real clients and their real results on our Facebook Page.

Is Dr. Yu able to be my doctor during the program? Dr. Yu and her team are health coaches on your journey to transform your chronic disease. We recommend having your own local providers and we teach you how to be your own best advocate. You will learn skills and perspective shifts, no matter what your health situation. We teach you how to find your doctors, who to hire, who to fire and HOW to collaborate with your team. Our alumni tell us this is the most important skill set they have moving forward to navigate through the medical system as a chronic disease warrior.

What if I don’t have a diagnosis? No problem! A diagnosis is not necessary. Most chronic diseases are never actually diagnosed because the technology doesn’t even exist to diagnose them yet. Like many others in our program, you already know that you have an chronic health problem even without the label. We honor that insight and help you turn it around anyway.

What’s the investment in your program? We deliver a complete and efficient approach with expertise in chronic disease and longevity, ultimately saving you time and money. We deliver these life changing outcomes for a range of investments from $3K-$12K, depending on your needs, program choice and payment options. We offer several different payment options and financing without a credit check. Because we are a medical doctor owned program, most people can use their HSA/FSA. You can check with your HSA/FSA administrator in your company after speaking with our team to see if you can use those funds towards the program.

Who do you work with? We work with people who kick ass, take names and chew bubble gum. Our program is 100% online and can be delivered to anyone living in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada. We work with other countries  with reliable internet except Russia and China and reliable customs where we can ship our testing. Contact us if you have questions about other countries

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