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Some people feel like they don’t want to keep the $500 for themselves. You can take the $500 and just tell the person if you know them that you’re donating $500 as a pay it forward gift from you towards their program. Others have used this money to pay for their own way in our program or in our year long program. The choice is yours.

For medical and healthcare provider affiliates.

Note our program allows you not only KEEP your clients. But we teach them HOW to be better empowered and educated clients so they get better, faster, and permanent results working with you. We also will showcase our affiliate providers to help our clients find you when they’re done with our program. We have hungry well educated clients waiting to find new providers to continue their journey with. You will be added to our trusted provider database as someone who is familiar and supportive of what we are doing and training our clients to do.

How it works?
  • When you use your unique link in your posts/blogs/podcasts anyone going to that link will be tracked from start to enrollment automatically.
  • You will be notified when one of your referrals have enrolled in our program and have gotten past their first 30 days which is when we receive full payment for their enrollment.
  • You will receive a commission after the first 30 days of enrollment and will be notified via email.
  • You will be notified via email when a commission is paid.
  • You will be able to track your account by logging into your affiliate account to see how successful your call to actions and how many people have used your unique link to our site.
Best Practices & Rules
  • Use this link in our posts, blogs, podcasts, private messages.
  • Do not use your affiliate link to post under our posts, ads, or in our facebook group as there are other call to actions from us to that audience and it would confuse them.
  • Any violation of this will disqualify you from being an affiliate.
  • This affiliate program replaces any previous referral programs we have in place.
To learn more yourself about our program
here are several videos you should watch if you haven’t already. 
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