This is my closing letter to you. I am writing this letter to remind you that we have closed my medical practice effective June 22nd 2018, Friday. I will be unable to continue with your care or renew your prescriptions at this time. As you have heard in my previous email announcing this several months ago, this was not an easy decision for me, as caring for my patients has been a great source of satisfaction and pleasure these many years. I have seen many of you over the past two months to have closing visits, thank you for that time together and I’m grateful to have had that chance to set things up right for you.

As most of you know our clinical practice closed because we could no longer be financially viable with many insurances refusing to negotiate or maintain contracts with small independent practices.

Many of you have voiced interests in our online program which we have moved to. To learn more about our 8 week online program for Healing Autoimmune Disease Naturally, check out our free online training.

Our supplement store will be open as it is part of our online program. You can purchase your supplements from our store online anytime.

To keep in touch with what Frankie and I are up to, please join our Facebook group as we go live in the group regularly and will be offering many additional programs and services in the future in additional to our autoimmune disease program.

I suggest if you haven’t already, as suggested by my previous email, for you arrange to place yourself under the care of another provider as soon as possible. At the end of this email is a list of providers I have recommended. The closest to my practice is Dr. Dahra Perkins and many patients have already transferred care to her.

As of June 22, I will not be able to write any further prescriptions. We also will no longer be accessing our electronic medical record through Athena therefore will not accept nor be able to respond to portal messages. Please print your visit summaries, medication lists, and lab results now. This is all your new provider will need and you can do this yourself without having to call anyone or sign anything. Your new provider also will not want more than a year’s worth of data/notes/labs so please do not print out more or request more than that, as it will produce way more work for your new providers.

After June 22nd, 2018 all patient records will be sent to Desert River Solutions to be the custodian of medical records. To request your medical record please visit the site below to sign and return the medical release form. All instructions are on that webpage:

To contact Desert River Solutions: (Email)
480-577-3150 (Phone)
520-214-0068 (Fax)

With the deepest of gratitude,

Maggie Yu M.D.

Provider Referral List

Dahra Perkins, MD : 503-227-0350 Family practice, great with hormones and as your primary care provider, concierge practice, Portland

Jolene Brighten, Functional Medicine ND : 503-498-8830

Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutritionist Online Program : 1-800-496-0383

Ami Kapadia, MD at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center : 503-285-9321 Hormones

Rob Dramov, ND : 503-639-6454 Male hormones, gut health

Mike McCall, DC : 503-200-5778 Chiropractor Hillsboro

Sarah Colby DC Chiropractor 503-685-9841 Wilsonville

Paul Thomas, MD Pediatrics : 503-643-2100 Pediatric practice, integrative. (Full)

Jennifer Hicks, ND, PCP : Zoom Care Bridgeport Village
Naturopath who used to work with me and trained with me, now works at Zoom Care.

Merritt Health and Wellness : 971-258-1120 :Hormones

Maureen Conway : 503-305-6581 Psych Nurse Practitioner for psych meds management

Wade MCCULLOCH, L.AC, DAOM Acupuncture Portland and Lake Oswego