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The Secret to Mastering Your Hormones and Unlocking Your Best Self!

with Maggie Yu MD IFMCP

Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of insomnia, brain fog, raging PMS, weight gain, night sweats, headaches, and fibroids, robbing you of your energy, focus, and overall well-being?

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It's time to educate ourselves and demand better care for our bodies. Hormonal imbalances can seriously affect our health, relationships, and overall quality of life.
Don't let anyone tell you that you must live with the pain, discomfort, and frustration of hormonal issues.
There are solutions available, and with the proper guidance and treatment, you can regain control of your body and life.

Brand New Training Covers:

    • How Ovarian and Adrenal Hormones Interact

    • What Each Hormone Does and Why They're Important

    • Hormone Symptom Checklist and the Importance of Symptom Relief

    • Why Physicians So Often Misunderstand Hormones

    • Estrogen Hormone Patterns

    • Testosterone Patterns for Men and Women

    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and HIDDEN PCOS - The Worst of Them All

    • Adrenal Hormone Patterns

    • Supplementation for Hormones and Adrenals

    • Gut Health for Hormones

    • Nutrition for Hormones

    • Tying It All Together: How Hormonal Systems Fit in With The Rest of the System and ALL Your Symptoms

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    • LIMITED TIME ONLY: A Full Salivary Panel Testing of Your Hormones (Sex Hormones and Adrenal) - a $350 Value!

    • BRAND NEW Comprehensive and Professional Training Video Modules Delivered by Maggie Yu MD IFMCP - Available for a Full Year

    • Unlimited Live Results Review Sessions (offered every two months) with Maggie Yu MD IFMCP, the team and a Functional Nutritionist - Test and Retest Your Hormones

    • Detailed Protocols for Specific Hormone Patterns including Lifestyle, Nutritional and Supplements

    • MELT Method Movement Program for Hormone Balancing

    • And many other bonuses...


    About Maggie Yu MD IFMCP

    Maggie Yu MD, IFMCP is a highly respected family practice physician and certified functional medicine physician. Over the past 6+ years, she has been providing education and training on topics related to longevity and reversing chronic diseases through social media. With over 25 years of experience, she is deeply committed to promoting wellness and helping her clients achieve optimal health and longevity. Dr. Yu is an expert in the field of functional medicine, which involves identifying and treating the root causes of chronic diseases. She has helped thousands of patients overcome chronic symptoms such as pain, fatigue, POTS, MCAS, autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, irritable bowel, depression, anxiety, and brain fog. Her success stories include hundreds of case studies demonstrating her approach's effectiveness in alleviating these symptoms and more.

    Dr. Maggie Yu has firsthand experience in reversing her own symptoms. At the age of 36, she suffered from a range of chronic conditions, including fibromyalgia, early menopause, Hashimoto's, chronic pain, depression, TMJ, and Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder. However, she was able to completely reverse her symptoms through a combination of hard work, years of additional training, and her medical expertise.

    Since then, Dr. Yu has developed the Transform protocol, which has helped thousands of people reverse their symptoms through a healing-centric education system. Her programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each person, and she focuses on reversing symptoms of any chronic disease. She has successfully helped people with hormone imbalances, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, IBS, neurological and mental health conditions (including ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and sensory processing disorders), and more.

    Dr. Yu is a mother of two grown children and currently resides in Oregon. Her programs have delivered results to clients from over 14+ countries. She received her medical degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and has specialized in hormone balance, chronic disease, autoimmune diseases, and functional medicine, incorporating a personalized root cause approach to patient care. With her extensive education and decades of experience, Dr. Yu has developed a unique and innovative system to help clients and their families reverse chronic disease symptoms.

    “If you are a middle-aged woman, man, teenager, these problems come up against many of us, and we’re told “it’s normal”. And I know you’ve thought to yourself “there’s no way this is normal, I feel terrible”. Well, I’m here to confirm that and tell you it’s not okay!

    But it can be fixed. Join thousands of others and join, MY Hormone Masterclass.

    -Maggie Yu MD IFMCP

    It’s time to take massive action.

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