Case Study: Children with PANDAS, gut issues, tics, psychiatric issues can’t be helped right?

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Kate Byars is here to talk about her son, Eli, going through the Transform Autoimmune Disease Naturally program. Eli started showing symptoms of PANDAS about a year ago, and after a bit of a journey, Kate eventually found Dr. Yu because he wasn’t getting the help that he needed from regular doctors.

Dr. Yu inquires about what life was like for Kate and her family a year ago. Kate recalls that before she ever saw the ticks of PANDAS in Eli, she saw the behavior without realizing it was a sign of the disease. Kate admits that she was dismissive about the behavior, attributing it to Eli just being a temperamental little boy. He would have trouble self-regulating his anger, being unable to get rid of it. The more it escalated, the more difficult it was for the family to deal with.

After noticing ticks, Kate took Eli to a local pediatrician who works with a lot of children with PANDAS and is known for her success with them. The doctor said to give Eli some fish oil and vitamin D, and provided a prescription for antibiotics if things got any worse. Kate felt unfulfilled with this advice and was expecting a little bit more. She then discusses how Eli’s ticks continued to escalate from visual ones to auditory ones. Eli had always been a social child who thrived while around others, but he was wanting to do less because he was embarrassed by his ticks.

Eli completed Dr. Yu’s program about two months ago. Kate says that his anger and ticks are completely gone, and that about three weeks into the program he had changed drastically. Kate describes how Eli woke up one day and asked her, “mom, do you see how happy I am now? Do you notice I don’t get mad anymore?” This was the moment that made Scott, Kate’s husband, a firm believer of the program.

Kate reflects on how before working with Dr. Yu, she found herself asking if she was doing enough for her son. It felt like she was playing a guessing game with what supplements, dosages, and so on to give to Eli. She chose to work with Dr. Yu because her program is a data game, not a guessing game. Dr. Yu comments on elimination diets being counterproductive for kids because it can be so hard to get them to eat anything in the first place. Before entering Dr. Yu’s program, Kate wanted Eli to be able to eat the foods that he likes, but had to restrict his diet because of false information.

The pediatrician had told Kate what to do, but not why to do it. She wanted to understand so she could help Eli as best as she possibly could. Dr. Yu provides insight to the rinse-and-repeat cycle that traditional doctors are trained to do with their patients and says that there is no step within it that provides the patient with knowledge to pursue mastery of autoimmune disease. Kate wanted to give her son optimal health and knew that she wasn’t going to get it by giving him antibiotics for his whole life.

When asked if the investment of time and money was worth the results, Kate firmly believes it was because her son’s health was at stake. She says that she and her husband would invest five times as much for these results. With the data Kate was provided, she knows exactly what to do, exactly what Eli needs, and loves that Dr. Yu is there every step of the way to answer their questions.

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