Case Study: From Autoimmune Miserable to FANTASTIC Life

maggie yu

Today Dr. Maggie Yu interviews Kim, who has an incredible story. They talk about Kim’s lack of diagnosis and some of the major, unexpected changes that happened as a result of the Transform Autoimmune Disease Naturally program. Frankie Niwot, the functional nutritionist of the program, also joins in.

Kim had no diagnosis but had been searching for one for thirteen years. She describes her symptoms as “crazy,” but doctors would also tell her that her test results were within the normal range. Still, Kim knew that something was wrong. It has been extremely hard for her, spending years not being herself and having a low quality of life. Kim was exhausted and took naps daily just to make it through her day. Other symptoms she had were anxiety, depression, fevers, irregular menstrual cycles, numbness in her extremities, and insomnia. Dr. Yu brings up the diagnosis process that conventional doctors go through, sparking Kim’s memory of doctors telling her that she just needed to calm down.

Graduating from Dr. Yu’s program about a month and a half ago, Kim is asked about the physical results she has experienced. She says that the best thing is that she doesn’t take naps anymore and sleeps well at night. Kim has enough energy to do all of the things she has wanted to do for the past thirteen years but wasn’t able to. These include simple things like working more, hanging out with her kids, and participating in outdoor activities. Her monthly cycles are slowly but surely getting back to normal as well. We hear about Kim’s dramatic change in eating habits and her goal of trying a new vegetable every week.

Moving on to her mental results, Kim reveals that she discovered the cause of her anxiety, brain fog, and more was her blood sugar level. Kim is amazed that conventional doctors don’t understand this link and talks about her cheat days, which made her realize very quickly that cheating on her diet isn’t worth it to her. Dr. Yu and Frankie discuss the empowerment of knowing how to make intelligent food decisions before Kim tells us about a welcomed, unexpected side effect she is experiencing.

The power of community is a crucial aspect of the Transform Autoimmune Disease Naturally program, so Dr. Yu asks Kim about how this played into her journey. Kim expresses that for the first time, she didn’t feel alone. She was able to learn an abundance of information from other people in the program and feel their care towards her. Kim and Dr. Yu then reflect on when Kim found out that blood sugar was the catalyst of her anxiety while on a group call. Frankie talks about how Kim’s self-doubt was turned around by seeing the results of others.

Because of the program, Kim says that she loves herself and is her own best friend. This newfound confidence has even enabled her to begin fixing the rocky relationship that she has with her father. Kim firmly believes that the outcomes she is seeing now are unquestionably worth the investment she has made in herself. She asserts that joining Dr. Yu’s program is the best thing she has ever done and encourages us to never give up on ourselves.


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