Case Study: How This One Habit Is Destroying People with Autoimmunity

maggie yu

Lynie, a recent graduate of Dr. Maggie Yu’s Transform Autoimmune Disease Naturally eight-week program, joins us in this episode. She has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis since she was twenty-one, and in the past couple of years, Lynie was in so much pain that she was reaching out for anything and everything that could help her.

The top symptoms that Lynie had from RA were deformity and extreme pain. She could barely get out of bed and couldn’t even dress herself. It had gotten so bad that her husband had turned into her caretaker. She was also suffering from psoriasis lesions on her ankles and knees.

Since graduating from Dr. Yu’s program two months ago, the skin lesions are completely gone, and her arthritis pain happens very seldomly. Lynie remarks that the program taught her how her blood sugar and gluten were the biggest causes of her pain.

Dr. Yu asks Lynie what the number-one catalyst was that brought her immense pain, and she answers that it was a combination of drinking a morning coffee daily and then not eating anything until lunch time. Following this, Dr. Yu and Lynie run through the cycle that was brought on by these unhealthy habits every day. We then learn about Lynie’s new morning routine which is greatly credited to her improved health, along with other positive outcomes that the program provided.

Lynie’s husband is so happy to have his wife back. She proclaims that she can’t say enough about Dr. Yu’s program because it has completely changed her world. Lynie labels enrolling in the program as the best decision she has ever made.

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