POTS, Dysautonomia, Neurological Symptoms Turnaround

maggie yu

A family therapist with severe neurological pain, career-crushing brain fog, and extreme fatigue struggled with mystery symptom after symptom without a diagnosis.

This nearly ended her career.

Find out how Jamie turned this around to be back at work and is now living and loving life with her husband and children.

What’s her “there’s no place like home” wizard of oz moment in her miraculous journey back?

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Jamie is a family therapist who had years of severe symptoms without a diagnosis. She’s been through so many specialists, procedures and medical bills to deal with debilitating symptoms of neurological pain, excruciating fatigue, brain fog, and many food sensitivities.  

She recalls being bedridden and having her husband turn into her caretaker to her and to her kids. She had to stop seeing clients because she realized she couldn’t help herself and had to focus on that first.

She said that she was very fearful of the cost of doing this program because she had been let down so many times before. But that quickly dissipated when she experienced the results. Today 4 months later, she says she is 100% symptom-free. She is pain-free, back to work, and actively engaging with her whole family. She’s happy, excited, and states she realized, “I let my body bully me into sickness.” Today she states “I am now the pilot and not the passenger.”

She credits all five pillars of a root cause approach of Transform. However, clearly feels the hidden dark horse here was really the powerful mindset work in the program we don’t often discuss. She realized how much fear had controlled her and manifested bad outcomes for her. She realized she had a choice and she can choose to live. She can choose to be taught and to be powerful. She realizes now how powerful she really was all along.

Today she is pain-free, without fatigue, her brain fog is clear, and she has zero issues with food. She wants others to know that you don’t have to live in fear and feel like your body is the bully. You can be the pilot and the boss of your body and your health.  

For many, the symptoms of autoimmune disorders are debilitating. The onset of certain neurological symptoms can make it difficult to live a normal life and often cause depression or anxiety. 

There is hope! 

For those with autoimmune disorders such as POTS, dysautonomia, and neurological symptoms. The problem may not be in the immune system at all but instead caused by a variety of different conditions that can be seen to cause these problems. 

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