The Role of Vaccines in Autoimmunity and Chronic Disease with Dr. Paul Thomas

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Dr. Paul Thomas joins Dr. Maggie Yu today to talk about the role of vaccines in autoimmune disease. Dr. Paul has written a book related to this topic called The Vaccine-Friendly Plan. Dr. Paul says that though he is not an anti-vaccine doctor, he argues that the legislators’ view of vaccines being safe and effective for everyone is not true.

Dr. Paul gives his background of being born in Africa and having had several childhood diseases, all of which made his autoimmune system stronger. In medical school, he recalls the training he was given which enforced that vaccines are wonderful. Dr. Paul states that vaccines are actually very useful for measles, which leads into a discussion of the current measles outbreak in Washington and Oregon. As it turns out, this outbreak is being sensationalized by legislators and Dr. Paul explains why.

Dr. Yu believes that there is fear-mongering on both sides of the vaccination debate, and expresses her appreciation that Paul is a voice of reason. Dr. Yu shares the story of how her son’s behavior completely changed after getting vaccinated, later receiving an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Dr. Paul talks about hearing similar stories in his office every week and then talks about the need for data that displays the link between vaccination schedules and autoimmune diseases. He actually did his own research to obtain this data recently and provides us with his findings.

Dr. Paul describes the three most important aspects of his Vaccine-Friendly Plan and challenges us to discover why they make so much sense. The aspects are not getting vaccines while pregnant, not giving your baby the hepatitis B shot immediately after birth, and not giving your baby the MMR vaccine until at least age three. Dr. Paul provides his evidence of why these three steps should be followed and make for healthier children.

The main problem that Dr. Paul sees is vaccine mandates being rolled out across the country. Dr. Paul says that the reason he cannot stand these mandates is because they place healthcare decisions in the government’s hands, while removing the ability of an intelligent parent to make these decisions for their child. Dr. Yu declares that as a mother, she wants the choice of whether her children will be vaccinated or not in addition to the knowledge that Dr. Paul’s plan provides.

Dr. Paul brings up that a news organization is advocating for the removal of his book from the market. He gives a rundown of why the pharmaceutical industry has moved towards this way of thinking, beginning with a story about Dr. Andrew Wakefield lost his practice twenty years ago because of an article he wrote about a possible link between MMR and autism.

We learn from Dr. Paul that the CDC and government want to silence anybody that is exposing the truth about vaccinations, including himself. He and Dr. Yu give some calls to action that can be used to fight back against the censorship of the truth about vaccination.

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