Transform Autoimmune How It Works! Behind The Scenes!

maggie yu

What It’s Like to Work with Us: Behind the Scenes of Transform Autoimmune!

Now that you’ve watched our 5 Pillars to Transform but are still wondering HOW we deliver the program to ensure this protocol transforms your life?

How did we get those hundreds of interviews with people just like you who’ve turned around their autoimmunity?

Find out from step 1 to last step of being done with the program, what are the steps?

Who are the people you’ll interact, talk with and coach with so that you get these impeccable results?

Meet the professionals, the team behind Transform and learn their exact role in your journey.

What is a functional nutritionist?

What is a mastermind coaching call?

What’s a pod and who’s a pod facilitator?

Who are you chatting with on fb messenger?

Who do you talk to on the phone?