Mindset #1


Hands holding Sparklers

Hello! After a few month hiatus … time really flies when you love what you do – I am happy to be back sending you some thoughts today! I really want to take some time and talk mindset. For many of us, the shift into Fall can be a private and cozy one. We choose our own form of hibernation and … Read More

dig in


White water rafting

This summer I have been carving out some time for adventure. I have had the pleasure of two awesome float trips down some beautiful backyard rivers of Oregon. One of these trips in particular was an 8 hour float with 4 friends. I learned a few things about river culture that day. About the way that you become a crew, … Read More

Birthday Resolution


Birthday Candles

Hello lovely people and welcome to the long days of summertime! It is full on, with berries, BBQs, river time, hiking and bike rides to boot! I hope you are finding the time to celebrate the days in your own special way. This time of year comes full cycle, as I celebrate my birthday at the end of June. Taking some time … Read More

Hack Your Will Power


Healthy Food dish

Everywhere you look these days, someone is hacking something. There is literally everything from how to hack your floor cleaning to how to hack your relationship to pretty much every home improvement chore that once seemed insurmountable … now just about anyone can hack it. We have become a culture with infinite information at our fingertips and just in case … Read More

This is your gut… not Vegas



You hear the phrase all the time, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” This too is up for discussion but not what’s on my mind today. What is, however, is how we think of our gut health. I think the framing is all off. For one, the gut dwells in the dark corners of the body, it is mysterious … Read More

How I saved my love of Spring


Spring Cherry Blossoms

My love for Spring is limitless, without caveat … but it has not always been this way. Truth be told for eight whole years this was not the case. This year marks my second allergy free Spring in the Pacific Northwest. I moved to Oregon in the Fall of 2007 to work on a small organic farm. I fell head over heels … Read More